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Taskboard is a low-density sheet material made from sustainable forestry wood.

With scissors, craft-knife, or laser cutter - these low-density sheets are extremely easy to cut.

For those using a laser cutter, Taskboard® cuts much faster than all other materials and with minimal, light-colored scorch marks.

Taskboard is stable, flat and will not warp. Yet if you slightly spray both sides with water, you will be able to form and shape it into curvilinear 3D objects that will become rigid when dry.

All sheets are formable except 1/8” thick sheets. And only 1/32” sheets can be cut with scissors.

For faster drying use a hair dryer, or place in front of a room fan.

Some shapes will need to be held with string, rubber bands or hot-glue until dry.

You will be able to form tighter curves in the direction of the grain, and it is always best to knead Taskboard gently or wrap it over a cylindrical object before you create your shape.

Form Taskboard in the direction that it is more pliable, test this before forming by feeling the ease of bending in each direction.

You may choose to sand the edges to smooth-out any cutting mistakes or to give the edges a softer, rounded look. You can also burnish the edges with the back end of a pen or a spoon.

To glue damp Taskboard use hot glue.

White glue, craft glue and Sobo glue will work well on dry pieces of Taskboard.

Taskboard is available in White and Basswood-tone™. White is smoother and much better for forming.

Basswood-tone has a rougher wood-like texture and produces superior results for surface etching by laser.

Taskboard is available in 1/32 inch, 1/16 inch, and 1/8 inch thickness.

See detailed instructions on bigger screens.

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